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In the end,

when Evil Things happen to Good People,

there never is a happy ending.

Five stories (novellas) of classical fantasy with a touch of horror from debut author Wayne C. Hannis.

Myth and magic collide in these five tales of tragedy, when Evil Things happen to good people. Like Oril Ahern, Regent of the Kingdom of Tasmorea. All he wants is to hand the throne to his nephew. Prince Coel Ahern, heir to the Northern Throne, believes it is his "To Rule by Right" now that he has come of age.

And Niall Emayn, a black smith who just wants to live his life with his family, until a stranger appears and hires him to forge a sword. Niall will soon learn how "The Sword cuts deep".


To Rule by Right

True Love Lost Forever

A Man Caught in Time

The Sword Cuts Deep

A Contract for Gold: The Cataclysm of Medhebah

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